Make a Healthy New Year’s Resolution for 2017

Happy new year! We may have officially rung in 2017 several days ago, but if you’re like me, you probably are still getting your goals and resolutions for the year in place. As we start 2017 out strong with resolutions for real change, I encourage you to make a healthy new year’s resolution. After all, our health is our most valuable resource, and investing in health will always make your life better.

Let me be clear, though. Not all resolutions that seem healthy actually are. Too many people resolve to “lose weight” or “eat better” and make no progress whatsoever once January passes. Instead, you need specific, clear resolutions that will change your unique personal situation– ones that will actually improve your life and make you feel better every day.

Because here’s a secret about resolutions: you’ll never keep them unless you know what you’re working towards. You have to see results. Yes, eating better and getting to a healthier weight have many benefits, both physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, you’ll never experience them unless you are working towards the specific outcomes associated with the larger goal. A goal to “eat natural foods that give me more energy so I can be more productive at work and finally get that raise” will be much more likely to motivate you towards success– and will end up being much healthier for you in 2017.

Make 2017 the year you finally stick to your resolutions– and reap the health benefits that come with success. Create concrete resolutions that will give you the outcome you’ve been hoping for. This year you can finally get a better you. You just need to push yourself with the right healthy goal.