What Is Graston Technique— And Why Should I Care?

Most people have a very distinct idea what chiropractic care is— and what it isn’t. People typically think of “cracking your back” or spinal adjustments that are something close to massage, which is a rather limited understanding of what chiropractors do. Unfortunately, fears and misconceptions about the true nature of chiropractic treatment can stop patients from getting the level of care and healing they deserve. That’s why many patients are surprised— and hesitant— when I tell them that I am going to use metal tools for their adjustments through a practice known as Graston Technique.

Graston Technique is nothing to fear, though. It’s a proven method of treating soft tissue injuries anywhere in the body. Graston tools work by sweeping softly along the injured area to find scar tissue and inflammation, two of the most common causes of pain and decreased mobility. The tools can better pinpoint and break up scar tissue than bare hands, even if it has been there for a long time, creating a chronic condition. Plus, the weight and shape of the tools ensure that the dangerous scar tissue is removed without causing you pain. Essentially, I use special tools to help gently remove scar tissue and inflammation that has built up in the body, so blood flows to the affected area and your body can heal more effectively.

Three Common Graston Technique FAQs

To help you understand Graston Technique better— and show you why you should care— I want to answer three of the most common questions about Graston Technique that I get from patients for you here.

Is Graston Technique safe? Can the tools hurt me?

graston-instruments_400pixelswideYes, Graston Technique is incredibly safe, and no, the tools won’t hurt you. While the Graston tools may look intimidating, they are specially designed to help relieve deeply held adhesions throughout the body in the most gentle way possible. Each tool is shaped to reach the soft tissue and fascia in different parts of the body, which is why they have such varied and distinctive shapes. By using specially calibrated tools, I can help remove old scar tissue that could not be comfortably removed using my hands alone. You get a deeper cathartic release without pain.

Why is Graston Technique important?

Graston Technique is important because it is proven to foster more complete healing for conditions not effectively treated using traditional approaches. As the most trusted and time-tested method for healing musculoskeletal disorders related to soft tissue damage, Graston Technique can decrease healing time for acute injuries and resolve chronic conditions.
If I get treated by you, do I have to experience Graston Technique?

No. Since I am certified in three proven chiropractic techniques, not all my patients are treated using Graston Technique. I will suggest an individual treatment plan that best fits your needs based on where you need treatment and what kind of damage your body is holding. If you do not want to try Graston Technique, I would never pressure you, but I do suggest that you keep an open mind if I recommend this type of care. Graston Technique can be immensely beneficial for certain patients, as it has been for thousands of others before you.

If you want to understand better what Graston Technique feels like and if it may be appropriate for you, make a free preliminary appointment to see us at Rosenberg Wellness Center, so I can answer all your questions in person.