Hear what patients are saying

Dr. Jeff has treated over ten thousand patients.Each of them has had a unique chriopratic experience. See some of their stories below.

Anya Sapozhnikova

Aerial Acrobat

Midé Olu Alonge,

President of the Harvard Extension Management and Technology Society

Listen to 5 time Mr. Olympia competitor, and world class men’s physique competitor Anton Antipov.

Find out what Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 4th degree black belt Rolles Gracie does for relief. Safe and gentle chiropractic care so that you can perform at your peak state!

Thiago is a world class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and training partner of Demian Maia and an MMA superstar. Hear what he has to say about Dr. Jeff

Randi Kravitz Haber

I had the privilege of working for Dr. Jeff Rosenberg for 3 years as well as becoming a patient later on. I came to his office in extreme pain from a herniated disk and bulging disks and could not have asked for better care. Even called me later in the day to find out how I was coping from his treatment. Dr. Jeff treats every patient with the utmost respect and truly cares about healing your pain.

David Shifren

I’ve long had neck and back pain from sitting at a desk all day as a patent attorney. Thanks to Dr. Rosenberg, I’m finally pain-free and will be able to get a good night’s sleep for the first time in ages. He patiently and precisely explained every step of the process to me, and made sure that I felt comfortable at all times. Highly recommend him!

Maria Daniela

He helped me when I was involved in a car accident. After seeing him, I felt better than ever.

Richard Miranda-Grohs

I had a bad knee injury a couple of years ago. Dr. Jeff or just Doc as I like to call him happened to be training in jujitsu on the mat right next to where I initially injured my meniscus during a sparring session. I sat in the locker room pale white and in pain just waiting for my knee to magically come back together. Doc, barely even knowing me comes to the back examines me and, he is able to detail just about every aspect of my injury. 6 months later he had me at full range of motion and I was back at full speed after following all of his directions, where most would tell me this injury would require surgery or would restrict my movement possibly forever. 3 weeks ago during a 5 mile run I landed badly on the knee. Thankfully not as severe, but I travel over an hour to Doc, not only because his methods are effective but he has a very positive spiritual personality, that I am convinced helps him in the healing process. He connects to his clients and really breaks down your injury to you. My range of motion after only 2 sessions has improved dramatically. I am greatful for all his help, and little may he know I consider him a friend as well as my go to Doc.

Tucker McGrath

I have been to lots of different chiropractors in my day and Dr. Jeff has one of the most unique techniques I have ever come across. I was dealing with a tendon issue in my left arm for 2 years and in the first 15 mins of working with him he was already making the pain go away. Most chiros I vistied would tell me there was nothing they could do and all I needed was rest. Not Dr. Jeff, he jumped right in and through the technique he was using, which he has perfected, I could instantly feel the difference. He has a very unique approach when treating patients that produces results.

Robert Kleinfeld

For over a few months, I was suffering with neck and shoulder pain that was so severe I had considered having surgery. When I went to New York City for a family event, I saw Dr. Rosenberg for chiropractic care. After the second visit , not only did I did not need to take any pain medication or anti-inflammatories, I was able to celebrate at the party that I came here for. I would absolutely refer family and friends who are looking for pain relief so that they can get back to enjoying their life!

Heidi Simon

Dr. Jeff Rosenberg is triple certified in active release techniques which go way beyond what a traditional chiropractor offers. He has excellent bed side manners and takes his time working with each client to ensure that they get the proper care they need. This is unlike mainstream chiropractic work… you will leave the session knowing you got the best value and treatment for your time and money. I highly recommend him.

Evelyne Bruneau

I am a colleague of Dr. Rosenberg and we met at a Cox Technique Seminar. His passion for chiropractic was evident and his enthusiasm for life contagious. We also share a love for NYC.I wish him luck in his new NYC office!! Dr. Evelyne Bruneau,DC., Canada