Tackling the Post Holiday Sugar Detox

It’s almost impossible to avoid having a houseful of sugary treats during the holiday season. Even after New Year’s Day passes, the many holiday treats stick around, tempting us no matter how good we usually may be about avoiding sugar. By now, however, enough time has passed that you are ready to get off the sugar and start feeling less bogged down by junk. So how do you get off sugar this January? Let’s tackle the post-holiday sugar detox, so you can start 2017 off right.

6 Ways to More Easily Succeed in Your Post-Holiday Sugar Detox

Sugar is surprisingly addictive–even more so than many illegal drugs, some studies suggest. That’s why a “detox” from sugar really is appropriate after a period of over-consumption of sugary holiday goodies. Unfortunately, a sugar detox isn’t easy, but the following six strategies will help you succeed in getting you off sugar and eating healthier in the new year.

1. Clean your kitchen (and your life) of junk.

If you still have cookies, candy, cakes, and other junk on hand, it’s going t

o be almost impossible to stay away from sugar. There’s a good reason that addicts have to clean their lives of their drug of choice. Sugar can be just as tempting. The chemical impulse to

snack on any remaining sweets will likely be too great to resist. Give away any remaining goodies (or even better, throw them away), and keep your kitchen and your life free of sugary snacks.

2. Up your water intake.hydration, detox

Water flushes your system of toxins, helping your body dispose of waste. This is a key part of any sugar detox. Make sure that you are staying well-hydrated. This means upping your water intake even if you already drink your suggested eight glasses of water per day. Not even close to drinking that much water on a daily basis? Now’s a good time to start! Your body will need the water to detox, so all that water will make you feel even better than it normally would.

3. Replace sweets with healthy, filling meals made of

organic, fresh foods.

Too many people make the mistake of cutting sweets out while starting a restricting diet. This is a huge problem. Your body is busy withdrawing from sweets, and it needs proper nutrients to recover. After all, a healthy, balanced diet ensures that you don’t experience the sudden drops in blood sugar that can trigger cravings. If you are restricting calories dangerously, you’ll suffer serious sugar cravings, but if you are well-nourished, you may find that after a few days, you hardly miss sugar at all! While you definitely shouldn’t binge, a sugar detox is a great time to switch your diet to one based on organic, whole foods that make up healthy, filling meals.

4. Start your day off with a protein-filled breakfast.

Like I said before, drops in your blood sugar can trigger serious cravings and sugar withdrawals. That’s why it’s so important to start off your day with protein. Protein burns slowly, so you have sustained energy throughout the day. Say no to starchy cereals and sugary breakfast shakes, and instead eat eggs or full-fat Greek yogurt. You’ll feel full until your next meal and reduce blood sugar fluctuations that may send you reaching for a sugary snack.

5. Go alkaline.

The body’s natural pH should be slightly alkaline, but many junk foods, especially sugary ones, can throw off that balance. You’ll feel sluggish and less productive until you restore your body’s natural balance. Alkalize to recover during this detox. Plus, alkaline-forming foods like broccoli, kale, bananas, and hazelnuts tend to stabilize blood sugar levels, which really helps you resist cravings for sugar.

6. Take it slow.

A sugar detox won’t happen overnight, so take it slow. If your body is having a difficult time without sugar, you don’t have to quit cold turkey. Allow yourself a couple of squares of dark chocolate or some honey drizzled over fresh fruit. This will ease the transition. So long as you are mindful of what you are eating, you can still kick the sugar habit and avoid overdoing it while making the process less painful.

If you follow these six tips, you’ll find that you don’t need the sugar after all– and feel healthier and more energetic to boot. Make 2017 better, and kick the sugar habit starting today.