Get Super Bowl Ready Just Like the Players– By Visiting a Chiropractor!

As the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots prepare to face off in Super Bowl LI this weekend, both teams will be amping up training efforts to prepare for the big game. You may not know this, but an important part of this process will be getting treated by a chiropractor

You see, being in peak health is a vital part of the preparation that these athletes go through before a major game like the Super Bowl, and the NFL has long recognized chiropractic care as one of the best ways to keep players fit and in the game. All 32 NFL teams currently keep a chiropractor on staff to care for athletes, and many of these athletes see the chiropractors before, after, and even during games to encourage wellness. In fact, Joseph Krzemien, team chiropractor with the Atlanta Falcons, has been in the news talking about how vital chiropractic wellness will be in keeping the team fit for the biggest game of the year.

After all, chiropractic care is all about finding musculoskeletal problems and injuries and fixing the problem. When your body takes the kind of abuse that NFL players experience on a regular basis, you’ve got to address the root cause of the problem or your body can suffer permanent damage that takes you out of the game– and lasts for years after retirement. In fact, NFL players are dangerously at risk of opioid abuse and addiction due to some of these unaddressed issues. Coaches, managers, and athletes are now recognizing that preventative, medication-free chiropractic treatments can help heal painful injuries and provide relief without the need for dangerous opioid painkillers.

What If I’m Not an NFL Athlete? Can Chiropractic Still Help Me?

Chances are, however, you aren’t going to be playing in Super Bowl 51. You’re going to be watching just like me. So why should you care about chiropractic for NFL players? It’s simple. Chiropractic can help anyone stay healthy.

While we may not experience the beatings that football players get on the field, we each experience plenty of damage to our bodies on a regular basis. Whether you are a weekend warrior staying active in your free time, a corporate athlete working hard in the office, or part of the 80% of American adults experiencing back pain, you deserve to feel like your best self. Chiropractic care removes the damage caused by the wear and tear of modern life and even helps you feel less stressed and more energized. You’ll be better able to perform your best in every area of life.

As you prepare for your Super Bowl party this weekend, consider adding a visit to your chiropractor to the checklist along with buying snacks and setting up your speakers. You may not need to be in top physical form to cheer on your team, but you deserve the same opportunities for wellness that the Falcons and the Patriots will be offered before the game. At Rosenberg Wellness Center, we are seeing new patients every day, so we encourage you to make an appointment right away while you still can. Get Super Bowl ready the same way the teams do– see your chiropractor today!