Delivering Headache Relief More Effectively Through Cox Technique

This year, over half of all Americans will experience at least one debilitating headache. In fact, over 8 million Americans’ headaches are so bad that they have to consult a healthcare professional for headache relief. Even worse, a majority of these are tension headaches, which means they are most often caused by problems in musculoskeletal alignment and stress, making them totally preventable.

Worse still, despite the regularity of headaches, few medical doctors can reliably treat these tension headaches. Traditional advice from MDs is to simply relax or take a pill to hide the symptoms for a time. When the medicine wears off, the headache returns. Nothing has changed, and furthermore, nothing has healed. The fruitless cycle simply repeats.

If you are suffering from headaches like millions of other Americans, it can feel like there is no end to suffering in sight. Because headaches cause difficulty concentrating, diminished capacity for reasoning, and impeded performance in addition to pain, headaches can have a serious negative impact on your life. The damage is done little by little until it is impossible to ignore any longer–at which point it can feel like it is too late.

Luckily, this perception is wrong. Headaches do not have to plague your life forever. Chiropractic care can treat tension headaches effectively.

How Cox Technique Revolutionizes Headache Relief

Cox Technique, neck adjustmentBecause tension headaches stem primarily from tissue damage and misalignment in the neck and spine, they can be resolved by removing the damage. Chiropractors are experts in manually resolving this damage, especially when chiropractors are trained in Cox Technique.

Cox Technique is a proven spinal manipulation technique that uses flexion-distraction and decompression to reduce intradiscal pressure in the cervical spine (the top vertebrae at the base of your neck) by up to 20%. By reducing the pressure so dramatically, chiropractors relieve the buildup of unnatural pressure on nerves in the head that most often cause tension headaches. Headache intensity and frequency diminish, and patients can live fuller lives, less burdened by headaches.

Although not all headaches can be effectively treated using Cox technique, a majority of patients who are treated by a certified Cox Technique practitioner experience significant headache relief from frequent and debilitating headaches. Plus, chiropractors who use multiple chiropractic techniques like we do at Rosenberg Wellness Center can target other common causes of headaches through a multifaceted approach to treatment. You should not be forced to endlessly suffer from headaches without relief.