Chiropractic Can Help Anyone Get a Better Life– Even the Giants!

If you know me well, you know I am a big New York Jets fan. I usually don’t like hearing positive news about other NFL teams, especially the NY Giants, but I’ll make an exception this once. Former Giants punter Steve Weatherford, a player famous mostly for never having missed even a single game due to an illness or injury, has revealed chiropractic care as his secret to success. As a lifelong chiropractic patient, Weatherford credits chiropractic treatment not only with his continued good health today but also with his ability to get to the NFL in the first place.

For chiropractors like me, this news is no surprise– but it is gratifying to hear about anyone’s health success, especially such a public figure. The more professional athletes and celebrities that share their experiences with chiropractic, the more Americans are willing to give chiropractic care a try. I think this is such a positive way to use fame to help others. After all, chiropractic care can help anyone get a better, more healthy life. In fact, chiropractic doesn’t just effectively heal a wide range of neuromuscular conditions; chiropractic care has even been proven to reduce stress and improve your cognitive abilities!

Chiropractic Is for Everyone

Weatherford isn’t the only NFL player or even athlete who has publically acknowledged the benefits of chiropractic care, of course. Hundreds of professional athletes have come out for chiropractic over the years after seeing the benefits of such treatment firsthand. In fact, every NFL team has at least one chiropractor on staff, available to players 24/7. The science shows this gives team members their best chance at preventing injuries and healing damage from such a full-contact sport.

rosenberg, chiropracticIf you’re reading this and saying “So what? I’m not an athlete!” you’re missing the greater point. Life does damage to all our bodies, even if we aren’t regularly tackled by men weighing well over 200 pounds. It’s why over 80% of Americans experience back pain. Beyond the wear on our backs, everyday life causes stress that can rival the stress any player experiences on the field. Chiropractic care helps the body heal from this damage by getting to the root cause of the problem– and eliminating it.

Chiropractic can help athletes, corporate athletes, and anyone with a spine. You deserve the same quality care and all the benefits that such care delivers. If even a single person here in the New York City area is able to get a better level of health after hearing this news, I’ll never say a word against the Giants again. (Ok, no promises during football season, but I’ll try!)