4 Myths About Chiropractic Care You Need To Know

Chiropractic is the fastest-growing area of complementary alternative medicine today. Chiropractic care may have only started growing so quickly in recent years, but elements of chiropractic care can be traced back over 2000 years. In civilizations across the world, including ancient China and Greece, manipulating vertebra was used to ease lower back pain and many other ailments. Hippocrates even published texts on manipulation of the spine, reminding his students that knowledge of the spine would help them treat many diseases.

Modern chiropractic care was formally developed in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer who used his background in human anatomy and physiology to manipulate misaligned vertebra and treat a wide variety of health conditions. D.D. Palmer got significant resistance from the organized medical community in his attempts to make chiropractic a part of modern medicine. They didn’t understand the science, and the resulting confusion led to the growth of many rumors and falsehoods surrounding chiropractic. Unfortunately, many of these myths remain still today, stopping people from getting treatment that can help them.

4 Myths You May Have Heard About Chiropractic Care That Are Not True

Myths about chiropractic care may be what is stopping you from embracing one of the safest proven treatments for spinal conditions out there. I want to address the four most common myths about chiropractic care you may have heard that are not true, so you can make an informed decision on whether or not chiropractic treatment may be right for you.

1. Myth: “Chiropractors are not real doctors.”

chiropractic RosenbergYes, chiropractors are not MDs, but neither are most dentists (DDS or DMD), optometrists (OD), nurses (RN) or pharmacists (Pharm.D.)— all important medical practitioners whom you trust with your health. Chiropractors earn an additional four-year doctorate after graduating from college and take standard board examinations to become licensed doctors of chiropractic (DC). This includes many of the same types of courses needed to become an MD, hands-on clinical training, and specialized courses in the neuromuscular systems. Chiropractic care is covered by almost every major medical insurance carrier, workers’ compensation carrier, and personal injury insurance company because the healthcare industry recognizes the science that has proven chiropractic is a good option for treating musculoskeletal problems.

2. Myth: “Once you go to the chiropractor, you have to keep going for the rest of your life.”

Nobody has to continue going to a chiropractor for the rest of their life. Some patients treat an acute problem and stop care once they feel better. Of course, many patients choose to continue seeing their chiropractor regularly. Preventative medicine is vitally important, so many people recognize the benefits of staying under chiropractic care. After all, it’s considered a healthy choice to regularly see your eye doctor, dentist, and primary physician. The same principle applies to chiropractic care, so many patients choose to make chiropractic care a part of their health and wellness routine.

3. Myth: “People who work out, especially those who do strengthening exercises for their backs, do not need to see chiropractors.”

strengthening exercises, chiropracticThe opposite is actually true. Athletes regularly build up scar tissue, making eliminating this regularly even more important. Some of the most elite athletes in the world, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dan O’Brien, and Jerry Rice, name chiropractic care as one of the most important reasons they have been so successful.

4. Myth: “Chiropractic care is dangerous.”

Nothing could be further than the truth. Chiropractors actually have one of the best safety records in the healthcare industry. Although no healing art is without error, the statistics on chiropractic care indicate that chiropractic is actually safer than most other healthcare treatment options for the same conditions. Of course, not all chiropractors are the same. Just like there are awful medical doctors out there, there are bad chiropractors too. If you have concerns about a particular chiropractor ask other patients about their experiences. You can also check their licensing status, including whether they are in good standing with the state where they practice. For New York State, you can look up chiropractors at http://www.op.nysed.gov/opsearches.htm.

The Truth About Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care remains one of the best options for a wide variety of medical conditions. Don’t let myths with no scientific basis stop you from getting the treatment you need. If you‘re in pain and feel like you‘ve tried everything, come to Rosenberg Wellness Center to give chiropractic a try. I’m happy to offer a free preliminary consultation to any new patient so that you can discover for yourself if it is the right choice for you.