3 Reasons That Chiropractic Is Safe

Over the past 20 years, chiropractic has been integrated into the mainstream healthcare system. More health insurance companies cover chiropractic treatments as studies repeatedly show the safety of these procedures. In fact, more people than ever before are choosing chiropractors as their primary medical practitioner. Even the revered Journal of the American Medical Association recommends chiropractic care as a treatment to consider for back pain before ever choosing risky surgical options.

As chiropractic becomes more mainstream, however, more people express skepticism over chiropractic care, despite its clear scientific validity. People don’t just question the validity of chiropractic; they also question its safety. In fact, in my 22 years of practicing chiropractic care, I’ve heard this concern from hundreds of new patients. So is chiropractic safe?

Chiropractic Is Often Your Safest Treatment Option

The answer to that is unequivocally yes. Yes, chiropractic is very safe. If we take a look at all the research and statistics regarding chiropractic treatment, chiropractic treatment is often the safest treatment option for any condition. In fact, there are three reasons that chiropractic is safe.

1. Relief is often immediate with few side effects.

Many patients feel immediate relief following chiropractic treatment. Unlike medications that mask the pain for a limited time, this relief stems from true treatment of the underlying issue. Unlike other treatments, however, this relief is unaccompanied by serious side effects. While some patients may experience mild soreness or aching similar to what you may feel after a good workout, most patients have no problems stemming from treatment at all. Surgery, on the other hand, has lasting, severe consequences besides healing— and these surgeries rarely even succeed! Research indicates that chiropractic has a much higher success rate and any minor discomfort or soreness following spinal manipulation typically fades within 24 hours.

2. Neck manipulation does not cause strokes.

chiropractic, neck manipulationResearch generally refutes the claim that neck manipulation is dangerous. In fact, chiropractic neck manipulation is a remarkably safe procedure. While past reports have claimed that high-velocity upper neck manipulation may be associated with a certain kind of stroke known as vertebral artery dissection, recent research suggests that this type of arterial injury often takes place spontaneously or following everyday activities such as turning the head while driving, swimming, or having a shampoo in a hair salon.

While patients with this condition may experience neck pain and headaches that lead them to seek professional care, the treatment is not the cause of the condition. The best evidence indicates that artery injuries associated with high-velocity upper neck manipulation are extremely rare— about 1 in 5.85 million.

3. Chiropractic treatment is significantly less prone to medical error or dangerous side effects than traditional medical treatment.

While chiropractic care may have minimal risks, that doesn’t mean that you avoid those risks by seeking treatment from a traditional medical doctor. Medical errors are alarmingly common, and they cause the deaths of millions of people every year. A recent study named medical errors as the third leading cause of death in the US, accounting for 250,000 deaths every year. By comparison, chiropractic care has one of the lowest rates of medical error in the healthcare community. In fact, the risks associated with some of the most common treatments for neck and back pain are significantly greater than those of manipulation. Even over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like aspirin and ibuprofen are riskier than chiropractic. According to a study from the American Journal of Gastroenterology, approximately one-third of all hospitalizations and deaths related to gastrointestinal bleeding can be attributed to the use of NSAIDs.

Choosing Chiropractic Is Perfectly Safe

chiropractic, safe, Graston TechniqueDoes that mean that there are no potential risks involved with seeing a chiropractor? Of course not. All treatment options have inherent risks when patients are sick or in pain. Despite this, choosing chiropractic is perfectly safe for you and your family. The risks are minimal and even less than the ones you experience in any other health practitioner’s office.

As a chiropractor with over 22 years of clinical expertise, I am proud to offer three safe, gentle, and proven techniques that will treat your pain without dangerous side effects: Cox technique, Active Release Technique, and Graston Technique. The unique combination of these three techniques ensures that you will be treated seamlessly, safely, and effectively in as little time as possible. Chiropractic is even effective for people who are taking medication or who have had surgical procedures but are still experiencing pain without increasing the risk of interaction. If pain is interfering with your relationships and career, and you’re finally committed to safely getting out of pain now, call me at the Rosenberg Wellness Center for a free consultation today at 212-858-0015.